Want to work with me? Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s your pricing structure?

I price per project, not per word or per hour.

By pricing per project you get access to my extensive network in technology and eCommerce, and I create something that has the single aim of meeting your goals.

How much do you cost?

My prices:

From £500 for a short form blog piece or single email.

From £1,000 for a long form piece, advert copy or drip email sequences.

From £3,000 for eBooks or webinars.

From £10,000 for consulting, including value propositions.

Each client follows an onboarding process with me, where I get to know you, your company, and your goals.

Every writing piece includes a briefing call, my research, SEO optimisation and 2 rounds of edits.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer discounts to not-for-profit companies. I also offer 3 pro bono slots per year for charities.

Other than that, I don’t discount my services. My clients pay for my 10 years of experience creating content for some of the world’s biggest technology companies, for my extensive network, and for the results my work generates.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, I can refer you to some excellent up-and-coming writers without the in-depth industry knowledge my clients work with me for.

Do you outsource anything?

No. In the past I’ve experimented with expanding, but it wasn’t for me. I pride myself on the quality of work I deliver and the relationships I build with my clients. That cannot be outsourced.

Do you offer ghostwriting?

Yes. Most of my technology and eCommerce clients don’t link back to me in their eBooks or blogs. I also offer personal ghostwriting for executive brand building.

Just for fun: Why did you go freelance?

Although I enjoyed corporate marketing, generating >£500M in leads for Salesforce UK, I prefer working on lots of different projects. This means I have insight into the whole industry that I didn’t have before, and can provide a unique, unbiased perspective.

I love finding stories. Less meetings also means I can get into a creative ‘flow’ state, and produce content that works.

Being your own boss is pretty nice, too 🙂

Annabel: You nailed it. Seriously impressed with your originality and fresh idea on this. Can’t wait to try it with the market!


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